The season starts

The season starts on the 1st April and all of the Rangers have now arrived and have been preparing the Islands ready for the boats and visitors to enjoy the breeding season. We have been operating all winter and had some fantastic trips but we had our boats have been inspected by the MCA today, and this gives the boats a license to operate to our full capacity.

The weather this week has been just fantastic with beautiful sunshine and flat calm seas. To make things a lot better the birds have been arriving back in their thousands.

I also seen a good few Turnstones around all of the Islands, 4 Purple Sandpipers and 20 Sandwich Terns were roosting on Knocks Reef and 8 Harbour Porpoise. The Sandwich Tern count maybe more than that now but that’s what I counted and it will not be long before hundreds are here. I was even told that some of the Shags are now on eggs. Now that’s quick.  

Here is a few pictures I have taken over the last week.



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