Sad Goodbye’s

After a fantastic 6 hour sail down to Grenada, we anchored just before dark and as we watched the sun settle over the horizon we realised how lucky we were to see so many beautiful islands in a lovely part of the world and to do it on our own on such a unique yacht. If you are not sure just how good this yacht is, let me tell you. In the sailing world, everyone would love to own Oyster Yacht as it’s like the Royals Royce of yachts and to make things better it’s British too. Tell remind the kids once again that they are so lucky to be on such a beautiful yacht and they should cherish every moment as it might never happen again, and to have it to ourselves is a total bonus, but we have two days left so let’s make the most of it.

The next morning we launched the dingy and headed into Port Louis, as we had to sign back into Grenada. Once all the paperwork was done we did some shopping and then headed back to the boat. Once onboard we decided to set sail for the last time and sail back to where we started and Clarkes Court on the south side of Grenada.

It was sad to think that this would be the last time that Joan and the kids would be sailing but we would have memories to last us a lifetime. When I think of the things we have done and seen is amazing but we have learned loads too. Charlie and Archie have learned not to waste water, they have learned alot about the wind, the sea and to tie knots, but most of all how the respect the sea and the envioment we were in too. We have had loads of fun parts and they are both come on leaps and bounds too. Both of them have learned how to handle a dingy and moor up without any help and that alone is amazing and how many kids of 7 and 12 can say they can do that, not many I think. Joan learned loads about the wind, the seas and how boats can handle the big seas without being to scared. She also found out how hard it is to pour a glass of water in rough seas, now that’s an art in its own. Myself, well I have learned to sail of coourse, but most of all how to enjoy this experence and my family as much as possible as it will not last forever.

Once we were anchored and settled for the evening we chatted about what we going to do the next couple of days and it was unanimous that we all wanted a tour the island and enjoy a waterfall or two.

So our taxi was booked to arrive at about 9 am and the top of our list was to swim in a waterfall. We had a little tour of the island first and the driver told us all about the history before we arrived at the waterfall. This is one of many waterfalls in Grenada and I must admit it was brilliant and even the local lads were jumping off the top of the waterfall for a little bit of cash.

Charlie was the first one to jump in and it took a little while before Archie plucked up the courage to take the plunge. In fact, I had to put him in my arms and jump off with him but the second we surfaced he pushed me away and I could not hold him back after that. The only moan we had after that was when we had to leave but it had been such a fantastic day that they did not moan for long as we were going to Hog’s Island this afternoon for a BBQ.

All excited about a swim relax and some food, we arrived at Hog’s Island, tied up the dingy to a tree and found a seat. The kids stripped of their clothes and straight into the water for a swim while we ordered the food and grabbed a beer. It was just wonderful watching the kids have so much fun, with not a care in the world and as the sun set behind the trees we both thought that this was a holiday of a lifetime but we still had one more day before they left me on my own.

The next day we took another tour of the island but this time we visited a rum brewery, a chocolate factory, another waterfall and we even had a close encounter with a monkey, but all good things had to come to an end sometime and as we eat our lunches the time had come to say goodbye. Personally, I hated saying goodbye but we had done so much together I did not want it to end but the time had come to give everyone a kiss and cuddle and wave them off.

It was dreadful, being in the dingy on my own and as I arrrived back at the yacht, I climbed onboard the silence was eerie and they had only been gone a few minutes but it was going to be a long week before Simon and Kim arrived back…..


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