Razorbill Bully

We were in the middle of the trip the other day when Andy (my crewman) noticed a Razorbill having a go at a Jumpling (Guillemot Chick)

At first we thought the jumpling had just got mixed up between a Razorbill and a Guillemot but as we watched it the Razorbill was really having a go at it. The poor little jumpling was trying to get away but the Razorbill just kept on going so in the end we had to intervene by splitting the two up with the boat.

We waited for a while as the Razorbill headed out to sea and the jumpling went looking for it’s dad.

Here is some pictures of the Razorbill attacking the Jumpling

Everything looks ok

 The first blow
 And another

 Then another

Now it time to split them up.


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