Pilot Whales

I could not help myself and I had a sneaky week away in Cape Verde again.

While I was there I booked myself trip on a rib to go whale watching, but I had it my head that the birds would be better as they has never seen any whales for about a week and a half and 2 trawlers had been in the area for a while so they might have been frightened away.

How wrong was I… We had only been out about 20 minutes before we spotted Pilot Whales in the distance and the next thing they were around the boat. I counted at least 30 and they were having a bit of fun in the waves to.

I also noticed some young calf’s swimming close the their mothers and when the mother did a tail slap on the water the young calf tried it to. Most of the time without any success but at least it was trying. To be honest with you they could have done anything they wanted for my liking, but for me it was just a pleasure seeing them.

I also noticed a few females with a lot of scratches on them and this must have been the males getting a bit horny during the breeding season or just a good old fight.  I also noticed a lot of the dorsal fins were either damaged during a fight or some other way, but whatever the reason I’m going to send my pictures away to see if anyone knows the answers or if they recognise them. It will be a very interesting to find out either way so if I get anymore info I will let you know.

Anyway here are some pictures and I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Enjoying the waves

Having a splashing time

This one turned completely over

This one decided the games were over and left in a huff

Notice the nicks in the dorsal fin 

Showing off now

Totally showing off

I’ve got my eye on you

Mother and her calf

The calf trying to catch up

They are all joining in the fun now

Last but not least my favourite shot. A good old tail slap

I must admit I love the Cape Verde Islands and people think there is not much there but it has more to offer than you think, so keep an eye on my next blog as I will show you what it has to offer.


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