Orcas (Killer Whales)

On Bank Holiday Monday I received a phone call from my friend Matty about some whales he had seen. Now judging by the sound of his voice this was not the normal whale sightings and I was right as it was an Orca Whale.
He was totally buzzing and so pleased to tell me that he was off for another look. I asked him if he thought I might be able to see them too if I headed straight out there but he was not sure as they were seen 6 miles away.

10 minutes later I got a call from Glen on the fishing vessel Standsure saying the same thing but he had seen more. I could not help myself, I had to rush down the harbour, jump on board the boat and go and see them. A friend of mine joined me and we headed straight out of Seahouses.

Once we arrived we found nothing and after a good look around we headed back as I had a trip out at 10.15am. We were a little disappointed but nothing ventured nothing gained.

The guys did get a little footage of video so here is the link FACEBOOK but please turn the volume down.

Here is a picture but its not very good sorry.


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