No two days are the same

Only a few 1000 Guillemots a day ago over 10,000+ today.
Loads of Razorbills today as well. We counted over 50 on the Inner Farne cliff face alone, and 84 in total.

The weather was a real mixture today with a strong north west wind this morning which made i really cold and then turned out beautiful.

We have had 4 Golden Eye’s in the harbour over the last couple of weeks which is nice to see, and as we left the harbour this morning we saw a single Red-breasted Merganser fly past the bow of the boat.

About half way across to the islands we noticed 4 Harbour Porpoise heading south and about 4 Long-tailed Ducks. I’m not really sure the except amount as they were close to the water and it was very dull.

With the wind the way it was this morning their was hardly any seals about but enough to for the customer’s to enjoy. Saying that their was still a good few but just not hundreds like we have seen throughout the winter.

As the day went on the sun came out and turned beautiful, so i decided to have a little wander around a few places.


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