Newborn Seal Pups

The grey seal pups are starting to arrive in abundance now, and at the last count their was 526
but over the last four days we have had dreadful seas with big waves and we have not been able to get out so fingers crossed the seals and their pups have managed to survive this weather.

I suppose its nature and over the last few years the seals have had it good and the numbers have increased a lot.

The rangers have started their counts and when you look at the rocks its all multi colored now. We also have spotted some new born pups with their umbilical cords still on.

 We also spotted a branded seal with a large V branded on her back. They
stopped branding in 1995 but I’m not sure how old this one is but I will
find out in due course.

We saw young born pups calling for their mothers as they were really hungry and others who had fallen into the water and their mothers were encouraging them to get out. We saw a young pup enjoying her mothers milk and other so tired it was not bothered where it slept.
We even saw the start of new life being created.

Over all my fingers and toes are crossed that all is well out on the Farnes and all the seal pups are doing just fine.


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