Monster Tides

Its been a week of big tides and it does not half make life hard. Trying to get into the harbour was bad enough, but when your used to getting close to the rocks to see the birds, and all of a sudden the water has disappeared and you can’t get any where near it, then it becomes a real pain.
The North West face on Brownman Island at low water. You can even see the Sea Urchins.

The West face of Brownman Island at high water.
All the rocks had disappeared underwater at the Longstone Island.
When the tide is like this, you fully understand the power of the sea.  At one area of the islands this week I was doing 8 knots in the boat and then all of a sudden the boat came to a stand still. The tide was that strong the engines were working for no reason, so in the end I had to give her more power just to get moving. 
Ahhh never a dull day at the sea. 
We did get to see some nice things though.
Arctic Skua
Summer Arctic Skua
Purple Sandpiper
Knots. Some of them are in summer plumage.

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