Mixed Sightings

Its been a good few weeks around the Farne Islands with lots of things happening. The weather has been very kind to us, and we have been able to get out everyday which is always good.

Now we are lucky enough not to have to much rubbish around the Farnes but we do come across driftwood and balloons from time to time but this time we were really shocked to see a large object floating in the water.
As we got closer we could not believe our eyes as it was a fridge. It really annoys me to see things thrown into the sea to start with but whoever did this they a taking the mickie.

All you have to do is leave it outside your home and there is bound to be a scrap man passing and he will take it away for you. He makes a bit of money, it gets recycled and you have got rid of your rubbish, job done. For flaming sake don’t through it in the sea.

Never mind we got rid of it for you… Andy (my crewman) stamping out the rubbish in the north sea..

Andy also saved a stunned Guillemot that landed on the boat. After a few bites of his hand we quickly checked to see if it was okay and off it flew but I think Andy came of the worst as his hand was pouring with blood. Ha it serves him right for taking the Pee out of me over the last few weeks.

On a sadder note we found a Guillemot struggling in the water and you could see it was not long for this world, so we put it on the jetty at Brownsman Island and told the rangers. Unfortunately we were told later that it passed away as it had not been cleaning itself properly.

I’ll stop the doom and gloom now as we have been seeing the Bottlenose Dolphins again and again and again but we will never tire of seeing them that is for sure. This is a picture of the mother and her young one enjoyed the sun and loads of food that is around at the moment.

and of course the Bridled Tern has once again graced the Inner Farne.

The Inner Farne is well known for the Artic Terns dive bombing and pecking you on the head, but guys please don’t ware hats like this as it breaks the Terns bills. Luckily we gave a hat to the person who had this, so they did not go onto the island with it, and to be honest they just did not know.

We we also stunned to see a Cormorant take a Eider chick, and as it tried to eat it all of a sudden it let it go and of it went. We might have been to close and scared the Cormorant or it just lost its grip but at least the chick got away. Thank you Mandy for this picture.

This season has been full of exciting sightings and hopefully we will see lots of Minkie Whales and some cracking birds soon, so our seabirds slowly start to leave the Farnes.

We are seeing big gaps in the cliff faces where the Guillemots have been and the puffin chicks are making their way into the sea for the first time. I will give it a few more weeks until nearly every seabird departs our shores.

I will keep you updated on their progress and here is the last couple of pictures before they depart our shores.



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