Minke Whales

The morning started just fine today as the second we got out of the harbour we saw 2 Great Northern Divers fly south over the boat and then a little bit further on 10 baby Guillemots feeding in the water just before the islands.

As we arrived to the islands and i was just about to start my speech when i noticed a Peregrine sitting on the West Wideopen watching all the birds fly around and then all of a sudden up she went and bang, she caught a  pigeon. I did not even get a chance to tell the customers about the bird and she flew away with the bird in her mouth.

As we steamed across the Staple Island we saw a  few male Cuddy Ducks back to their full colourful plumage.

About half way to Longstone Island  we saw a few Gannets, Terns and Gulls feeding then all of a sudden we saw 2 Minke Whales break the surface. We turned and headed towards the Crumstone Island to get a closer look at these beautiful creatures up they came again but there was not 2 but 3. We think it was Mam, Dad and young calf but we were not totally sure as they were a bit away and with the seas a little to choppy. As they headed south we had to turn back as they were getting to far away.
Oh well its supposed to be a bit better weather over the next few days so hopefully we might get a chance to see them again. Finger crossed.


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