It will not be long now until the end of the breeding season but for now we are enjoying the chicks grow and leave the islands until they return.

I love watching the Kittiwake chicks grow to big for their nests and sometimes its just to much for the parents and the chicks to be on the same nest but they manage to do it.

When you are passing the same place day in and day out you notice some really silly things, but this year it seems to be the seabirds which is a crying shame. I’m not sure just yet as the wardens have not told me the final numbers, but I’m convinced the Kittiwakes are down. I look at what I call “my little areas” and I can see that they have either failed or they have just never bothered at all. I do hope I’m wrong and I would love to think I was wrong but I just have a feeling.

Hopefully it just goes in circles and next year will be a bumper year, but its still nice watching the young grow up and then take their first flight.

I have taken some pictures to show you how they are growing up really quickly. 


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