Jumpling Time

Over the last few days I have noticed gaps in the rocks from were all the Jumplings (Guillemots Chicks) have been. On our Sunset Cruises the noise has been defining, from the Dad’s calling the jumplings and the mothers encouraging the chicks to jump, hence the name Jumplings.

It is a fantastic sight to witness. These tiny birds taking that leap of faith of the edge of the cliff faces and from a height that you and I would not even attempt. Sometimes (well most times) they bang of the rocks on the way down and when they hit the water they just shake themselves off, and away they go with their dad’s to the north sea. This is a truly amazing sight and you hope and pray the these little fellas make it to adult size and one day return to the same spot where they were born on the Farne Islands.

Wildlife is the most beautiful thing but it can be ugly too. When the birds arrive back to the Farnes you hope for good weather so they can just get on with the breeding season without any problems. You see the first eggs appear and you watch as they bring the chick into the world. They feed it, shelter it from the wind and rain until they are ready to make that jump and then all of a sudden and Gull comes along and takes it life away. I know I should not really show this but it is the harsh reality of nature but it does break my heart to see it.

On the plus side more make it than those who don’t, and that’s how I want it in my own little world.   


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