January 2012 Friday 13th

I’m not really superstitious but I just hate Friday 13th. My dad passed away some years ago and that was the 13th and on January 13th I was woken at 3am with my house on fire. The whole family got out safe and sound, but the house has seen better day’s.

This is one one of the main reasons I have not blogged for a while.

On a good note my wife gave birth to a baby boy on the 7th December, Archie Ian Douglas and he is the most laid back child I have ever known (well for now anyway). We will tell him all about the fire when he gets older, but for now we will just enjoy every minute but the second he starts to scream I’m out for a trip around the Islands.

I should have blogged over the Christmas period as I was out nearly everyday and even though it was cold it was good to be out, but it was very quite on the bird front.

On the seal front their were thousands. I looked at the state of the bank side on the Brownsman and it does not look good. The Wardens or should I say Rangers will have their work cut out to fix the damage the seals have done. I know it’s nature and they need to cast their coats but in doing so they have made a mess of the Puffins Burrows. Hopefully the grass will grow back and it will be all good for when the birds arrive for the breeding season.


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