Hungry Seal

Andy, myself and a few of our guests spotted a grey seal eating “Lump Sucker” fish.

As we watched it for a while, we realised how long its claws where and just how powerful they can be.  I remember speaking to former head warden “John Walton” a few years ago about the seals and I was gob smacked when he casually said that he was bitten by a seal a long time ago. He even showed me the scar which was quite impressive if I may say for myself and its not until then do you realise how lucky he was. I know a fish is a totally different thing to a human, but it only took a few minutes to devour it, so it just goes to show you that John was very very lucky.
 A Lump Sucker has very rubbery skin, which makes it bit more tricky for the seal to tear apart but it did not take long before the seal was enjoying the fresh meat.

I know the pictures do not look good and probably do not put the seal into a good light but they have to eat and we tend to forget the a wild creatures. We like to see things all cute and cuddly and they are at times but this seal is not one of those times sorry.

If I get to see some cute seal pups later in the year I will post them I promise but in the meantime here are the pictures.


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