Grey Seal Trip 23rd November

We did a Grey Seal landing trip on Sunday 23rd to the Longstone Island and the weather was good until the wind picked up later on.

We steamed out towards the Farnes and I had to go back to Knocks Reef to see if the Grey Phalarope was still there but sadly it was not.

We got some pictures of the seals and a few Mallards near Knocks Reef but that was it so we decided to go across to Staple Island.

On the way across to Staple we saw 3 Little Auks on the water but the light was dreadful and the wind was picking up. We all managed to get some good pictures before we headed across to the Longstone.

On arriving at the Longstone we were greeted by loads of seals in the water.

The guys got off the boat and went to take some pictures of the seals and scenery.

The Longstone is a very rocky island so you have to be very careful and have some good footwear as it is very slippy in places.

We intended to be there for two hours but the wind picked up and the boat started dancing at the jetty so after 1 hour 15 minutes we had to leave. A bit disappointing really but it could not be helped.

We did see a young pup which was moulting and a few other seals enjoying the sunshine.

We left the Longstone and headed towards Staple Island to where it was sheltered so we could get a cup of coffee.
While we were there we saw some Turnstones and a cracking Purple Sandpiper posing in the sunshine.

We had decided that we would go to Stag Rock again so see if we could find the Long-tailed Ducks and anything else was there.

As we were just about to leave Staple Island we had a Little Auk turn up and boy oh boy did it show well.

I don’t think anyone on the boat would have a bad picture as this little fella was more bothered about us at all and it just washed and groomed itself while we floated beside it enjoying it in its full glory.
At one stage I heard someone say it was to close for them to get a picture due to the size of their lense. Now that’s how close it was.

After spending quite sometime with this little seabird we steamed across to Ross Sands before slowly moving down to Stag Rock.

The Long-tailed Ducks did not show as good as they did the day before but it was still really nice to see them.

After arriving at Stag Rock with high hopes we were a bit disappointed as all we saw was a few Eider Ducks. Not that there is anything wrong with them at all but after the other birds we were hoping for something special. Oh well another time maybe.

As the sun was setting behind Bamburgh Castle we headed back to Seahouses and I think a good few people will have lots a pictures to sort through after this trip.

Once again guys thanks for joining me and hopefully I will see you again sometime.


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