Govenors Harbour – Bahamas

The weather was mixed as we sailed to our next destination and when we arrived we had to take a mooring boy instead of anchoring because the ground was to hard for the anchor to dig into. This is not a problem but it costs and I think we had spent enough lately. Never mind it can’t be helped.
After we were all moored up we went ashore to have a look around and we decided to get something to eat there too. As we waited for our food to be prepared we were told that there was a festival on and we should go and have a look as it started about 7pm.

After some amazing food we wondered to the festival which the noise was electrifying. Lots of music being played, food stalls and beer being consumed and this was just the start of it. Sienna saw some candy floss and had to have some of it and as her back was turned I pinched a little bit. Well it was my job to wynd her up. Ha Ha.
Just after 7pm the street was full of dancers of fantastic costumes and they were being judged by some very serious judges and we later found out its a very big thing to win, plus it was on the tv too.
We never stayed to the end as it was getting late for Sienna and we were all tired anyway.

We all woke after a good nights sleep and were ready to look around and we also needed fuel for the dingy. Simon and Kim were also going to buy a sim free mobile as theirs was on its way out and they also wanted to see if they could get a good deal for the internet. After a successful day and they also got a great deal on the mobile plus internet while in the Bahamas we decided to sail to our next destination. It was only a days sail away but we wanted to that sail to be closer to the following destination where we will be able to swim and snorkel.



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