Good old fashioned Bogey

This blog is nothing to do with wildlife or what we are up to, but some good old fashioned fun.

I was cleaning the shed at the harbour when I saw an old wooden fishing box. It brought back so many memories, as my dad made me a bogey out of the fishing box for a Christmas present. 

I listen to so many people saying that the kids are glued to their  I-pads, computers and games, that they loose to sight of what is kid is supposed to be.
When I was a child I used to come home covered in cuts, bruises and scratches, but did I have fun, Hell Yeah.

Lots of the older generation will remember building dens, playing knickie knockie nine doors (where you knock on someones door and run away) and jumping of the harbour pier (in my case), all those kind of things kids are supposed to do instead of being glued to the TV.

I’m really lucky to live where I do, as I push my kids to be outside in the fresh air and I know lots of people can’t let there kids play on the streets as its to dangerous, but I think that’s were today’s children loose out. Yes I know, I have to keep up with the times and technology, but sometimes please just let them be kids.

So that’s it…… This fishing box is going to be changed into something special and the kids are going to love it, but first I will have to built it and of course I will have to give it a test drive to see if it’s preforming properly. Yes you have guessed, it’s not for the kids it’s for me, I’m the child in my house.

First the old fishing box was cut out at one end, then I found an old pallet which I chopped up and used the long piece to go down the middle of the box and a small bit to steer with.

Then I put a threaded rod through the back of the box to hold the wheels. The I stole the wheels of my daughters old bike and then I acquired two wheels from a lawnmower for the front.
I got a bit of scrap metal bar and welded two bolts to the end to hold the front wheels on and screwed it all down.

 Bike in bits on the floor. Threaded rod through one wheel and lots of scrap to use.

There we go, one bogey nearly ready to use. Some final adjustments to do but not many.

Next step is to sand it all down and add a like of paint and then we are ready for the test run on the harbour hill. I do hope it holds my weight. I also added a back rest as I remember it dug into my back when I was a kid. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “I’m getting soft in my old age”, but I’m not as I have left out the stops so the wheels don’t go to far around. I remember when I was a kid and my foot got jammed below the bogey and it really hurt so I want my kids to feel the same pain. I’m just getting my own back on then for giving me sleepless nights.

A bit of  grey undercoat. 

 Now Black gloss has had two coats. She’s looking good.

 Yes, the final touches are being applied with flames along the side to make it that boy races look. I had a little thought so it’s not finished just yet. I’m going to fix a mount near the front to put a GoPro on and then it will be ready for Christmas Day.

I can’t wait to see the kids faces and fingers crossed it good weather for them to take it on her maiden run.

So there we have it. A good old fashioned Bogey. I hope this brings lots of memories back for you all and I will let you know how we got on and hopefully I will have some footage to show you. 
Have a great Christmas everyone and thank you for reading my blogs once again. 



6 thoughts on “Good old fashioned Bogey”

  1. Absolutely love this upcycled go kart! I remember going down our street on my next door neighbour's bogey when I was about 7!
    I remember Kick the Can and Kerbie too. Kids need to get back to some old school games.

    Love this post!

  2. Just love this. Oh how the children of today miss out.

    Will be visiting the Farnes and the harbour in May. Would just love to see one of our children using this nearby. Hope you have tremendous fun trying it out over the festive season.

    Good wishes to you and hope you have a super New Year.



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