Geese and Guillies

I was on the first trip of the day and I was in the middle of my speech when Andy, my crewman stopped me to say that he has just seen a Guillemot Chick on the cliff face but its really big.
The microphone was dropped and the bins were grabbed to see what he was on about.

I could not believe it as it was bigger than I thought. We just saw our first chick the other day and it must have been just born but this size was a bit of a shock.

I thought we were about 1 week early this year, and this might be a one off but things seem to be quicker than I thought.

I gave one the lads a ring to say what we had seen and he was even shocked so I quickly took a picture to show you all.

While I was on the phone he told me to keep an eye out for a Black Guillemot.

We did and found it in the middle of Piper Gut, a place known for its strong tide but luckily for us it moved into the calmer waters so I could get a picture.

I think it was first summer as the white patches on its wings were not as white as they should have been, but hopefully you guys out there will let me know.

The light was dreadful as the clouds were black and the heavens were just about to open (which they did later)

The day before was better weather and I was surprised to see 13 Canada Geese on the water beside a rock called Nameless and then later again outside the harbour. This is why the Farnes is a special place as everyday it shows you something new.


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