Farnes Update 9/05/2015

Since my last post the weather can’t seem to make its mind up. Glorious one minute and then freezing the next. Flat calm seas and then rough. I just want it to get settled now so we can enjoy good days on the water and our guests don’t have to be wrapped up to the hilt.

We have had our first easterly winds of the year, which are not good for us at all, as it goes straight through the islands not even giving you a chance to get out of the harbour. It’s bad for me but it must be awful for the birds too.
I know the birds are tough little cookies and just seem to get on with it but it must drive them nuts too. Fingers crossed the weather will improve and everything goes ok for the birds, but in the mean time here is a little update of what’s happening.

All the birds are really settled now, with lots Guillemots on eggs and the Kittiwakes have also joined in the fun.
A pair of Mallards have now had 9 ducklings and I have also been informed that the Shags have been spotted with chicks too, boy its all starting to kick off now.
No news on the Puffins yet but with all this rain we have had lately it will not be good news for them. They have been cleaning their burrows and then the rain floods the burrows and they have to start all over again. Fingers crossed it not as bad a I’m painting it.
The Arctic Terns are back in big numbers now but they are not starting to peck just yet so don’t worry. The Sandwich Terns has been mating and it will not before they are on eggs too.

Its all change on the islands this year and so far its been really good with some really nice rangers and some old faces too. The guys have now moved into Brownsman cottage as Staple Island is now open but once again the weather has stopped most landings and so far its only been open one day. The National Trust have 12 rangers split between two islands and so far everything has worked really well, so long may it last and onwards and upwards.

Other than that things are going well, but as I say we need the weather to improve so I can get out, our guests can get a chance to enjoy it and the seabirds get a break from this dreadful weather.

The Children’s Friend on the rocks at the Wide Opens and it was built by a local man. If you look carefully you can see two rabbits on the boat.

Guillemot taking good care of its egg.

Arctic Terns starting to pair off 

Sandwich Terns displaying with each other.

Another pair of Sandwich Terns

Merganser flew straight in front of the boat.  

Staple Island full of Guillemots

The lads are back in Brownman cottage now.  

The gulls are always looking for an easy meal.

This Razorbill flew around the boat about four times for some reason and if was not for my phone ringing I would have had a few more pictures.

The Farnes is a very special place and every day we see something different. Boy do I love my job.


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