It’s been a mixed Easter weather wise but when it’s been nice it’s been very nice, but when it’s cold it’s been freezing. This is why we tell people to wrap up warm as they don’t understand how cold it can get out there. The seabirds are slowly starting to arrive back, which I always nice to see but, we are still waiting for a few more birds like the longest-traveling seabird the Arctic Tern or Artic Angel as the locals call it. They are brilliant seabirds and when they arrive back the jigsaw of seabirds is complete for the season.

We are sailing 7 days a week on our purpose-built catamarans and our latest vessel and the 1st purpose-built double-decker catamaran in Seahouses to visit the Farne Islands. Why not join us throughout the year and enjoy the stunning views of the Islands.

Thank you for reading our blog and hopefully, we will post more often.