Dive Bombing Time

Well its happening once again. Those beautiful Arctic Terns have now laid their eggs so when you arrive on the Inner Farne they will give you the Arctic Kiss as you pass their nests, so don’t forget to where a hat or wave your hand above your head as they can really hurt you.
Don’t let this put you off landing on the Inner Farne as they are great to see and you can under stand why they do peck you as they travel some distances every year.
The Arctic tern or Arctic Angels as we call them, are famous for its migration, it flies from its Arctic breeding grounds or the Farnes in this case, to the Antarctic and back again each year, the shortest distance between these areas are roughly 19,000 km (12,000 mi). The long journey ensures that this bird sees two summers per year and more daylight than any other creature on the planet. The perfect example of this bird’s remarkable long-distance flying abilities involves an Arctic tern ringed as an unfledged chick on the Inner Farne in the summer of 1982, which in October 1982, just three months from fledging, reached Melbourne, Australia. Assuming a direct route of flight, the distance covered would have been more than 22,000 km (14,000 mi), now that’s amazing for such a small bird and this is why we love them so much at the Farnes and remember take care as you walk around the island as they will lay their eggs anywhere.

Enjoy these beautiful birds and remember how far they have travelled each year just so they can raise their young.


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