Christmas Day in Paradise

We enjoyed Grenada, but the next island was calling so it was time to move on and off we sailed further north to a island called Carriacou.
It was a great sail and everyone really enjoyed the peace and quite with only the water lapping against the boat and the odd seabird flying past us all the way to our next anchorage in Tyrral Bay in Carriacou.

Once again the anchor dug in perfectly and as it was very busy with lots of yachts around so we stayed away from the crowds and anchored at the back out of the road. After we were happy the anchor was secure, we headed ashore for a quick look around and get our barring’s. We felt at ease straight away and as the sun started to set we went back to the boat to make plans for the next day.

We were all sleeping like logs, but we were still up at
6.30am so excited to explore the island and see what it had to offer. Bags
packed and off we went….

Today we decided just to have a walk, have a look around and
hopefully if we got our direction correct, we will find a beach to cool down
in. It was a long walk and the kids never whinged once which is amazing and
when we arrived at the beach it was just so picturesque it was unbelievable. I
think one of the reasons I say this is because we are in the sun and you could
see all the different colours in the water, which stood out like a sore thumb.
Yes, Seahouses is amazing with its beautiful beaches that stretch for miles and
miles and I’m very lucky to live there but there is something about adding a
bit of sunshine to it and Joan, myself and the kids were loving it.

So far during the time I have been here, the one thing I
have noticed that is amazing and I wished more people in our country were like
this is friendly. People from our area are friendly but these people go out of
their way to make you feel at home and that goes for all ages too. Kids are
just great and make friends everywhere they go and there is something that just
puts a smile on your face to see it.

Our kids played for hours and hours with the locals and they
had so much fun doing so, and it warms your heart to see them having so much
fun building a castle in the water and wondering why it keeps on getting washed
away but and so much better than them playing on a Play Station or a X-Box.



After a lovely day we walked all the way back to the boat and
once again not a whinge or a moan from the kids about how far it was, but they
just got on with it. We both thought that these must not be our kids as they
were laughing and giggling and are not having a go at each other, but we kept
our lips sealed as it would never last.


The next day we were all up again bright and early and ready
for the next adventure which was to the town of Hillsborough. We tied the dingy
up for the day and took a very steep walk up a hill to get a small mini bus to
the town. I must admit it was me who was the first one to whinge about the hill,
but I was the first one there and as the others approached, they all have a whinge.
I just knew it would not last, but I did not think I would be the first and the
kids still remind me now.



The bus arrived and it took the long route to Hillsborough picking
up as many people as he could along the way, but it was interesting seeing how
other people lived and the style of their homes. Once we arrived it was hustle
and bustle, then we realised it was the holidays and people were stocking up on
food and getting last minute Christmas presents. It was really weird as one
street was buzzing and then the next street there was not a soul. We did not
know why but we figured that one area must be the in place and not the other.



We still enjoyed it and after a good look around it was time
to go but this time I wanted to go to the hospital where Kim was rushed to and
say thank you to the doctors and nurses who had helped Kim in her time of need,
so back into the mini bus which took us to the top of a hill in the middle of
the island.


I know what you are thinking, “why did they put a hospital
on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere”, Well it was windy up there and this
helps with all the bugs as it was so windy it would keep them all away.



I never saw the doctor, but the nurses were so pleased that I
had dropped in to see them and when I told them the good news, they were so thrilled
they said they would let the doctor know. I did not have to go to see them, but
I was so pleased for a couple of reasons. One was the look on their faces and
the other was the absolute stunning views form the top of the hill. After enjoying
the scenery, we once again walked all the way back the Hillsborough where we got
the mini bus to take us back the Paradise Beach to finish the day off with a swim
and relax. After a good swim we walked back and watched the sun go down and
then realised that it was Christmas Day tomorrow so we better get to bed early
as Santa would not come.






Christmas Day was just lovely really. No mad panic to get
the food ready for lunch or anything like that but just get out of bed, open
our stockings as Santa was leaving the presents at home and enjoy the best
breakfast ever in a beautiful part of the world. What more could I wish for?
Well I did ask Santa for a yacht of my own, but you know as well as I do, he’s
not that good so I got the next best thing and that was an American style blueberry
pancake with lashings and lashings of maple syrup, and I can tell you it was just



With our tummy’s full we were all excited for the rest of
the day, so we all jumped into the dingy and went over to another yacht which
was anchored beside us. Merry Christmas we all shout, are you ready for a swim?
The couple were just as excited as us and they jumped into their dingy and we
all sped of to Sandy Island.


We met this couple a few days earlier were called Shelly and
Rod and they came to the boat thinking we were Simon, Kim and Sienna but then
were shocked that it was not us. We all had a good laugh and when we explained what
had happened, we became good friends. They were such a lovely couple that they
invited us to join them for Christmas dinner which was amazing, so we all had a
great day swimming and snorkelling with thousands of fish, turtles and we even
saw a shark. What I thought was a great day was topped of my Shelly’s lovely dinner,
followed with a devilishly good chocolate dessert. Oh, I was in haven…



The next day it was time to move again and this time it was
to Union Island.




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  1. Santa leaves yachts if You have been good, Andrew, not if he’s good!! Love reading all about your adventures! Looking out at Seahouses Harbour, cold and gray I can understand your families enjoyment in the sunshine! June sends her love!!


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