Bye to the Browns and hello to the Douglas’s

As Kim, Simon and Sienna gathered their clothes together ready for the flight back to the UK, they realised that they did not have any winter clothes onboard the boat. They looked at each other and said “its going to be freezing”. I could not help myself and said, I have a warm woollen hat if you want to fight over it. I can not repeat what Simon said but it had an off in it, so I gave it to Kim…. Oh its like that is it, said Simon . Yep, I said, as Kim told me she loves me, and I never heard your name being mentioned so there…Ha ha.

Its funny how someone can be really ill and we still manage to take the micky. Never mind they will soon be on their way to the airport and I will have their beautiful boat to myself. Well for a few days anyway, as Joan and the kids were coming over for 3 weeks in a few days time.

I was a bit annoyed really as I was really looking forward to introducing my family to Kim, Simon and Sienna and they were looking forward to it as well but at the end of the day Kim needed to get home and see what the doctors have to say, so it is what it is. I suppose things in this world happen for a reason and it was meant to be, so hopefully both families will meet each other one day.

I waved goodbye and wished them well, then hopped into the dingy and headed back to the boat, and as sat in the cockpit to watched the sun go down another vessel gave me a shout over the vhf radio. Britican, Britican this is Morrame over. (A great name for a yacht which was play on words meaning more of him). I replied Britican go up one channel. It was Randy a lovely bloke from Canada, he said, “Well whats it like to be the owner of a mega yacht”? So far so good, I said, but I could not believe that they have gone and they have left me to look after this beautiful yacht and not only that, they have told me to take my family sailing too. How awesome is that. He just laughed and, said I will love it. We chatted for a while and as the sun went down we said good night and went to bed.

I had a few days before my family arrived so I decided to get a few jobs done before they got here. One of those jobs was sanding down the steps that lead to the saloon. I knew it would create a lot of dust and it was the perfect time to do it while the boat was empty, so I was on a mission to get it done while I had my chance. I also sanded a few other bits where it was worn back to the wood, which turned out really good. So with all the jobs done, I cleaned down the mess and made it look clean and tidy ready for my family to arrive.


The day had arrived and they were supposed to be here about 6pm, but the plane was delayed and they did not arrive until 11pm but it was well worth the wait, as I received the biggest cuddles ever.

They all looked tired but the novelty of getting into a dingy to travel the last leg to what was going to be there home for the next 3 weeks woke them up just enough to enjoy it. Once they were on the boat and I showed them where they were sleeping they all crashed until 7am the next day.

Having my family on the boat was amazing feeling and knowing that we had 3 weeks to go sailing, exploring, swimming etc was going to be great and I could not wait.
Before we left to go sailing we had to help Randy with his boat and after we did that we had a look around the boat yard and had some lunch. The next day we went to a island called Hogs Island to go exploring which was really fun and after that back to the boat for some well deserved rest before we set sail.


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