As the kids are getting a little older and becoming a little bit more interested in wildlife etc, I decided to do a little bit more recycling with some wooden pallets.

I found a few pallets at the harbour and decided to make a bug hide. I looked at a couple of pictures on google and I had it in my head what I was going to do.

After a week or so it was complete and all I have to do now is fill it with twigs and wood etc. I think with today’s throw away culture it was a good way to up-cycle something that would have been thrown way or burnt, plus I really enjoyed making it and I think the kids will love it too, and I know the little creatures will love it as well.

Sorry but the pictures are rubbish. They were taken on a broken phone.

 Old nails that I took out of the pallet. I bent them into letters and painted the with a bit of black.

All done and sitting on the front of the drive. The kids have started to look for things to put into it and then all we need are some bugs. Free of course… 



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