Bottlenose Dolphins Videos

I have put together a couple of Bottlenose Dolphins clips that myself and Andy was fortunate enough to capture a few weeks ago.

The dolphins were just outside the harbour and slowly moving south towards Beadnell, so we had an hour before we had to pick our first guests. The second to left the harbour we were greeted by them and they were in a playful mood. At first they wanted to bow ride but then some fish arrived on the scene and they were off for a feed. When they came back we never moved the boat, as we wanted to see if they would hang around and play with the boat or were they more interested in the boat if it was moving. We never really learned anything as they enjoyed both but when the fish turned up on the scene they went of feeding once again.

To be honest myself and Andy just enjoyed them around the boat and we had them all to ourselves which was a bonus. I used a GoPro and my mobile to film them but I found the gopro picked up some unbelievable sounds and was far better quality which you will hear in the videos.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the short clips and thanks once again for reading my blog.

  Part One
Part Two


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