Bottlenose Dolphins Pictures and Video.

Once again we have been honoured with these beautiful mammals around the Farne Islands and yesterday they returned and put on a great show.

Toby my brother called me to say they had them at the Inner Farne so I asked the guests if they would mind if we missed out the Longstone Lighthouse and go and see the Dolphins. All I got was a hell yeah.

We turned and went straight to the Inner Farne were we caught up with them.

We followed them for ages and before we knew it we were just of Holy Island.

We only had a handful of guests onboard the boat and we all had a wonderful time watching them leap out of the water and swim under the boat.
We were getting a bit to far from home so we waved goodbye and returned back to Seahouses as they swam north.

I have also added a video and I hope you enjoy it. Sorry about the music.


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