Bottlenose Dolphins again.

Iv’e been very lucky this week and had the same pod twice in a week.

It was Thursday afternoon that they were spotted again and this time in the middle of Staple Sound and they were there for more than 3 hours.

Nearly every boat in the harbour got a chance to see them and there was a lot of happy guests around.

When we arrived a few boats were already there and enjoying good views and they did not disappoint us when we arrived. Our guests were really happy to and after about 20 mins with them we took our guests over to the Inner Farne to land.

After we dropped them off, Andy (my crewman) just looked at me as if to say “come on lets go back”, so of we went.

We had them around the boat for an hour and it was the best show by far. What really amazed me more than anything was that they were not really bothered about the boat as they were on the tide line feeding and then they popped up they seemed to be more pleased with their catch, but saying that they were showing off a good bit.

I would like to thank Ron (our skipper) for bringing out Sue, as she has never seen any dolphins before and boy oh boy did she love it. Oh sorry, Sue works in the booking office for us so next time you see her, she will probably still have a smile on her face.

Anyway, I have put a lot of pictures up here but I think they are worth it so enjoy everyone.


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