Bloody Ballons

We have tuned into a throw away generation, and its drives me insane. I remember we used to take out TV’s back to the shop to get fixed or even a kettle and we would never think “Ah just throw it away and get a new one”, but that’s how it has gone today. I remember an old bloke from the village called “Tommy Walton” god rest his soul. We used to take our broken bikes to his house to get fixed and a day later you would get it back and it felt like you were getting a new bike. Yes it was not a designer bike but it did the job and that’s all that matters. My boat is the same. I wanted a new toilet but it was cheaper to get the whole toilet with the hand pump then just to get the hand pump, so now I’m stuck with a toilet basin and seat. I does not make sense at all.
I think the point I’m making is that everything gets thrown away now and this has a knock on affect as we end up with waste, plastic and lots more everywhere.
One late evening I had my boat on the beach at the harbour as I had rope and lots of fishing twine around my prop, which needed to be taken off. As I was cutting it away all the rope something in the corner of my eye went past me, and it was a lantern all light up like the Christmas lights. I could not believe what I had seen and wondered were it had come from. At first I just ignored it but then all of a sudden another one went past me but this time it got caught in some lobster pots and it started to melt the twine. I quickly grabbed it and put it out. All I could think off, was if that landed on someone’s boat then it could have caused so much damage and what for. There is no need and where do people think the are going to land. Its the same as balloon realises. I just don’t understand them and why would you.
Back to the throw away generation. Why do we do these things and instead of throwing things away why not try and fix them and there will be less waste in this world and less things killing our wildlife. We maintain our cars so they last longer and we look after them but when it comes to rubbish people don’t think it kills our wildlife as it does not affect them. Come on….
We are lucky around this area for rubbish but this year we have seen an alarming rise in balloons and rubbish at sea and it does get upsetting especially when all the seabirds are around.
Okay, rant over but please have a little think about our actions that can affect the wildlife which is not their fault of course.





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  1. I agree with you so very much. It breaks my heart to see our ocean wildlife being caught up in stupid bits of plastic which have been thrown away by thoughtless people. I'm of the generation that have always made do and mend and that will never leave me. Even our flat screen tv was taken to our local tv repair man who is now as ancient as I am…..but he mended it and saved us buying a new one. My old kettle got replaced but the old one is in a box waiting to be donated to somebody who wants one. As for balloons and such…I've managed 67 years without ever letting one go yet! Us older folk are blamed for pollution etc simply because we've been on the planet longer then the younger generations but ask any of them when they last went to work with plastic bags in their shoes because they leaked. When did they last darn a pair of socks or put leather patches on the elbows of jumpers. Everything you buy nowadays comes packed in some form of packaging but I can remember the days when my veg was weighed out and it was all emptied into my string bag….not even a paper bag back then. Morrisons have recently replaced their plastic bags with paper bags which are a total waste of space because they split open the minute you put your carrots etc into them. I'm now in the process of making my own fine mesh bags which I will use for the fruit and veg that I buy and they will then go into my home made shopping bags which I've had for years. The circle is turning though because our younger generations have invented re-cycling and I'm more then happy to let them believe that because it gives them an incentive. Bring it on…. and the faster the better. I'm glad that we have people like yourselves who are actively keeping an eye on our wildlife and doing all you can to help. Thank you.

  2. Absolutely right Andrew. As you say, it’s not as bad here but it’s just heartbreaking to see the effects of the ‘throwaway mentality’ on wildlife and the environment.
    You guys play an important part and, although it feels like a drop in the ocean sometimes, I collect rubbish on the beach. We can all help like that.

  3. I totally agree, we used to repair everything… mum was of the generation that you unwrapped presents carefully so the paper could be re-use �� Way to much thrown out not even broken but because it's the 'wrong colour ��

  4. Quite agree! Met a lady on dogwalk who was stressed out by her daughter sending up balloons every year on the anniversary of a relative's death, saying she should think of the consequences and why not use rose petals or something biodegradable. We all need to take our rubbish home and recycle….think of the wildlife and seas. Thank you for your blog on this.


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