Bequia Island

It sounds a little bit ungrateful but we were please to get away from Union Island as its great for a few days but any longer than that we started to run out of things to do and things to see so we decided to say goodbye and head north to Bequia. It was a great sail, with really good winds and calm seas. We kids were doing loads of drawings and writing about what they had seen so far. Even though it was their holidays we still wanted them to still do some homework and as much reading as they could. We both thought it would be fun for them to draw and the write about what they had seen during our adventure and we had found an indentation card on the boat with all the fish that we had seen so they knew what they were writing about. By the end of the holidays they had pages of pictures, learned loads of things and it was really good to do while we were on long sails, which sometimes can get really boring, especially for the kids.

As we sail closer and closer to the island, you can feel the excitement building on the boat, and we are all desperate to see what the island has to offer. When we arrived it was really busy and we totally forgot that it was nearly New Year. It’s funny how time just seemed to pass us by and we never even gave it a thought what day and time it was. I suppose you never do when you are having a great time.

Once we were anchored we decided to head ashore but the day beforehand we had problems with our dingy and we thought it was fixed. After trying to start it for half an hour with no luck I gave up. I started to get really annoyed and took it out on Charlie, which was a really bad thing to do but she took it on the chin, said her bit to me and she was right, so I apologised to everyone for my behaviour and let’s forget it. I still could not get the dingy started so we decided to row ashore and enjoy the day and worry about the dingy later. Once we arrived Joan and Charlie went off to explore and myself and Archie played football on the beach.

It was a beautiful day, with clear blue skies, crystal clear waters and such a lovely atmosphere along the beach. Everyone was getting excited about this evening celebrations and were planning where to eat that evening before the fireworks display. We never even gave it a thought but we did not really want to eat on the boat tonight so we decided to hit the town too. That sounds like we are party animals but that’s one thing we are not. We were slowly getting into the yachting life were 9pm was the cruisers midnight. You might think I’m joking but that’s how it is.

As we were playing on the beach when a couple said, hello to us. They saw us rowing the dingy to the shore and wondered what was the matter. I explained and the gentleman said it sounds like an air lock to him. Once they left I went back to the dingy, took and engine cover off and started to look around. I found the filter was dirty and one of the pipes were nipped. The second I cleaned the filter and sorted the pipe out it started straight away. I was really happy as I did not want to row all the way back to our boat again. I told Joan and the kids the good news and said sorry once again. I got a lovely cuddle from Charlie which was really nice.

Later that evening we were all scrubbed and ready to go, so off we went for some food. There was a lovely walkway all along the water’s edge that stuck out a bit like a small balcony but was so cute. Some spots were a bit thin for comfort especially if another person was coming the opposite way but this added to the charm of the place. Once we found a place to eat we all sat down, ordered drinks and asked for the food menu. It was such a delightful place and as we watched the sun fade away over the horizon we knew we were so lucky to be able to this trip on such a wonderful yacht. To this day I do not know how Simon and Kim let me have their boat but I can tell you now, I felt so honoured by their generosity I do hope I can repay them one day for their kindness.

Once we had finished our food we wandered back to the boat and said our good nights as tomorrow will be a new year. As it got closer to midnight for some reason myself, Joan and Charlie could not sleep and the second we heard the fireworks start we all got up onto the deck to watch the sky be to lighten up in a colourful display. For such a small place they did not half know how to put on a good display and we thoroughly enjoyed it too. The next day we went to the beach and we meet a lovely family from America. The kids hit it off straight away and they never stopped playing all day so by the end of the day our kids were pleading with us to stay another night so we did. I have to admit there were no complaints from me as it was such a wonderful place to be. I can’t really put my finger on it but Bequia is one of my favourite places i have been to so far. There is just something about the island that just makes me smile and I would love to come back one day, so I was really happy we stayed another day, but we had to leave the next day to give us time to get back to Grenada before my family flew home.

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