Before the Storm

Well we had a lovely day on Sunday but with the forecast for 70 MPH winds, we all had the birds in the back of our minds.
My daughter Charlie has her sea legs at 4 years old and she keeps pestering me to take her to sea. So on Sunday morning she had her packed lunch, hat and coat on ready to go. 
Come on Daddy we have to get the boat ready for the customers. As we got to the boat we did not have anyone for our first trip so we decided to go for a fish until 12pm.
Bang…. first fish.  Bang again another fish. Great start but that was it. For over an hour we never even got a nibble.

That’s it back to the harbour to pick our guests up.
After we picked up our guests we headed to the islands and then around to the Inner Farne to land.
After our lunch i decided to take Charlie to the island to have a quick look around.
An Arctic Tern sitting on her egg with a pebble beside her so the wardens can do their counts.

 An Arctic Tern dive bombing us.

A Mallard with her chicks on the walk way leading up to the lighthouse.


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