Basking Shark

On the 17th Sept at 2.09pm we stumbled across a Basking Shark just south of the Longstone Lighthouse.

“Sean”, one of the lads who work for me, was looking at a lobster pot buoy to see if we were clear of the rope that was on the surface when he noticed 2 fins on the water. After a quick oh Sh** it’s a Baaaaaaasking Shark, we dashed out to the bow of the boat to see it when I remembered I had left my camera at home. More oh Sh** was the word I used a bit. Well more than a bit to be honest, so all I had was my phone. Sorry the picture is not the best but you get the idea.

Now from what I gather it’s the first since 2007 but it’s the first for me and that’s why I was like a kid in a sweet shop. As we followed the shark, which we think was about 9 to 10 foot long, we lost it in the choppy waters which was a crying shame.

Anyway here is the poor picture.


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