Amazing Sight

Today we went out a little to see if we could find some Minkie Whales but we were greeted by over 4000 Gannets and over 50 Sooty Shearwaters. We also saw a few Guillemots, Fulmers, Razorbills and lots of seals.

The wind picked up alot as the day went on and the seas started to pick up to but myself, the crew and our guests did not mind one little bit a we watched in amazment at the thousands of Gannets diving into the sea.

We spotted a Sooty and got a few pictures to an as we slowly followed the birds north we spotted a group of 37 Sooty’s resting on the water. As we manovered the boat closer more and more flew in from the south but as we got the count to 50 they all lifted and we lost count.

I was chuffed with one never mind 50+. They are a class bird and very very quick but the seas were getting a bit rough and it was starting to become a little hard to look for other birds. Never mind it was amazing to see.

We have the same trip going on Saturday at 10.30am so why not join me in the hunt for Minkie’s and Seabirds. A sight not to be missed.

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