A bit of shine

Yes it’s a bit of a plug but I would never do this unless I thought it deserved it.
It’s usually a really hard job cleaning the hull of Serenity II but what makes it worse is that she’s white and you can see every single mark but after a bit of research on the net I can across Chine Shine.
I not really into all this fancy stuff as I believe in a bit of elbow grease and a bit of hard work does the trick, but this stuff has blown me away. It’s a bit like runny glue and you roller it on, leave it for 15 minutes and then just wash it off.

I could not believe the results and when my brother arrived he was lost for words and if you know my brother at all then that say’s something.

Yes I know this is not keeping you all up to date but for anyone who has anything in white fibre glass then this stuff is worth looking into.

Here are the results and new Serenity II looks like new again.

Close up of the brown coming through and the hull looking tarnished. 

 Her bow before Chine Shine

 Her bow after Chine Shine



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