2 Perfect Days

On Thursday and Friday we had the best weather of the year. Not only was it hot, but we never had a cloud in the sky and with flat calm seas we could not ask for much more.

My day started by leaving the harbour at 7am due to the tide, so I steamed up to The Inner Farne for a bit of peace and quite. After cleaning the boat ready for my guests I gave the wardens a shout to see if I could come onto the island for a little bit.

They were kind enough to let me on, so with camera in one hand and my bins in the other I strolled up the walk way.

I had only walked a few yards when I was dive boomed by those Arctic Terns and I can tell you they hurt. They only do this because they are protecting their eggs.  After a quick lesson I just waved my hand above my head.

As I sat close to the cliff edge looking at the beautiful view I realised that I’m a very lucky person to live and work in such a wonderful place.

With Shags, Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins just sitting in front of me as if I was invisible, I realised it’s their home not mine. Well for a few months anyway.

So I have taken a some pictures of the chicks at their home. I hope you like them.

The Green Eyed Shag
A Guillemot Chick.
They are called jumplings instead of a fledglings as they jump of the cliffs before learning how to fly.
A Razorbill and Chick.
A Shag’s chick popping it’s head out for a look around.
The Kittiwakes chicks are getting big now.
An amazing morning beside the cliff edge on The Inner Farne with views to die for.

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