White-beaked Dolphins

We were just about to pick up our guests from the Inner Farne the other day when I noticed a few other boats going the wrong way. When I looked through my bins I noticed they had dolphins around their boats. Itching to get across and see them I was praying our guests would come … Read more


White Beaked Dolphins

On Tuesday we had just picked up from the Inner Farne and as we got around the corner to head home some other boats were going north. I realized that they must have had the Bottlenose Dolphins again but when I arrived I was gob smacked to see that they were 4 White Beaked Dolphins. … Read more


40+ White Beaked Dolphins

Continued from the Not 1 but 5 Minke Whale blog… We headed a little further out after seeing the last Minke and  we passed 2 Sooty Shearwaters a few more Manx Shearwaters and then nothing. We only saw a few passing Gannets but that was it, until we had 2 White Beaked Dolphins arrive from … Read more