Typical Bank Holiday Weather

Well you can tell it was Bank Holiday Weekend as the weather changed and the wind picked up. We never got out on Sunday but made it out today. We only did 2 trips as the tide was getting high and we would have lost our shelter from the Islands. It was like seals city … Read more


Tall Ship

I was lucky enough the other day to see a Tail Ship passing the Farnes. I was moored in the kettle at The Inner Farne when I first saw this beautiful ship pass, so I let go of the anchor and set of to get some nice pictures. She was called STAVROS S NIARCHOS of … Read more


Lucky Escape

A update after the storm. Well at first glance the birds look as though they have managed to brave the storm with only a few casualty’s. The Kittiwakes are the ones that everyone was worried about as they nest so close to the waters edge, but after closer inspection they look as though they have made it. … Read more