Summer/Winter Wildlife Tour.

It was our 2nd Winter Wildlife Tour today and what a day it was. You would never think it was November with the weather the way it was. The seas were calm and the sun was glistening of the water and with a little breeze coming from the south I knew we were going to … Read more


1st Winter Wildlife Tour 2011/12

I watched the forecast with anticipation this week as we had our first Winter Wildlife Tour on Saturday and I was praying for good weather. God must have heard me as the weather was great. We had a little wind from the north but nothing to worry about. With all the guests on board we left … Read more


Red-throated Diver

We have been seeing Red-throated Divers all week, but I have never been able to get a picture, so on Wednesday I decided to go back out at the end of the day, to see if I could get that elusive picture. Everytime I got close they either dived or flew away, but I did eventually … Read more