Fantastic Farnes

Boy oh boy the weather has been just amazing over the last few days and if it stayed like this all summer the country would do ok as there would be no need to go abroad. I have hardly had to touch the wheel on the boat this week as its been that clam the boat … Read more


Guillies Galore

As it was the kids holidays this week I was prepared with warm clothes for my long day’s at sea, then I sat down to look at the forecast……..Yes you guessed it…Strong Winds. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had our first real northerly winds since Easter last year. Yes we have had a few … Read more


Weird Bridled Guillemot

We have had beautiful weather over the last few days and it looks to continue for a while. On one of trips we encountered a weird Guillemot. As i was doing my speech along the west cliff face at the Brownsman Island i noticed a Bridled Guillemot with a yellow bill. I quickly grabbed my camera and rushed … Read more