Goodbye Puffins

Saying goodbye is always hard, but it’s even harder saying goodbye to our beloved puffins that we have enjoyed watching so much this season. However, this bittersweet feeling comes with a big smile as we have seen this amazing seabird mastering the daily challenges present in their colony life and meeting their achievement of raising … Read more


Whit Week

Whit week is finally over and all the kids have back to school and it’s been a bit of mixed week once again. Some day’s it’s been beautiful and others not, but we have been able to get out everyday which is the main thing and we have some lovely guests on board the boat … Read more


Baby Puffin (Pufflings)

As the breeding season has finished I wanted to say farewell to the Puffins this year as they had a dreadful start to the season last year with all the rain and the winter was no better. We had big seas, strong winds and by the time they arrived for the breeding season alot of … Read more