Sunset and Storms

Its taken a long time, but on Tuesday and Thursday evening during our sunset cruises, we had the best sunsets of the year and to top that off we had flat calm seas, good company and we watched the last of the jumplings take that leap of faith. I didn’t want to go home as I was enjoying myself so much, but when I looked at some of my guests, I realized they were starting to get really cold so I had to go back home.

We have also had some great storms and one storm caught me out as I was not expecting it at all.

The forecast said it was going to rain but it was blue skies and flat calm seas, so a little bit of rain was not going to put this skipper off and they never get the forecast right anyway… Bugger the second I left the harbour the heavens opened and it started to chase us as we headed out to the islands. 

We did get caught in a few showers but overall we were very lucky as they past us by, but what we did see was some amazing lightning bolts over Bamburgh Castle and other areas up and down the Northumberland coastline. Yes its not the best place to be during a lightning storm as we are a total conductor but it was good to see.

Yes we made it back in one piece.

During the sunset cruise on Thursday I looked out of my window and saw a puffin fly past and I thought it was flying really funny. I took a second look and it was not until then that I realized it was a Storm Petrel. I run outside to tell my guests, but I think in my excitement the word “storm petrel” came out all wrong and it sounded like “straw man” What a prat eh. No wonder people were asking what I had seen.

Never mind it made people giggle and made me look like a right plonker but to be honest I was still chuffed to see it no matter what I was.

Anyway I have waffled on enough so here are the pictures of the sunsets, storms and the petrel, and remember we sail every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7pm to 9pm, and as the weeks move on it will become quicker so its always good to ask if you are booking.


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