Seals City

It was a little quiet on the seal front but all of a sudden there are hundreds everywhere.
We have over 300 seal pups now and they are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful at sea today, so we were able to get the boat really close to the seal pups.
We went to Staple Island first where all the cows are gathering getting ready to give birth, along with the other cows who have already given birth and are now feeding their pups some milk.

The wardens spray the seal pups with different coloured dyes so that they can identify them when they were born and also be able to do a seal count. Don’t worry but the dye comes off when they moult.
The wardens spray them every 4 days and every 2 weeks they change the colour of the dye. This also enables them to see if they have lost any during bad weather.

After that we headed across a place called the Humber which is a jetty on The Longstone Island.
When we arrived we moored the boat along side the jetty, switched the engines off and just sat there watching the seals swim around the boat.

As the customers took pictures, Martin (my crewman) decided it was the perfect time to offer the customers
cup of coffee or tea,

Even though it was a lovely day it is November and does get cold out there, so a nice cup of coffee does wonders to warm you up.

After that we headed back towards The Inner Farne passing 2 Long Tailed Ducks and a Peregrine hunting some pigeon’s and a few Little Auks sitting on the water.

A nice end to a sunny day. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Chris and Martin for making the boat look really clean after giving it a big scrub down and to those who joined us on our trip today.

Thank you guys.

Seal Pup
1 week old
Seal City

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