Just a quick post to let everyone know that my best friend, my crewman and partner in crime has passed away this morning. He was in no pain at all but was very old indeed and it was his time.

If you know my dog then you will remember him for lots of reasons but in his later years he was always running around the harbour and then jumping onto the boat, as he would not let me go to sea on my own, plus he had to see the seals. He was the only dog allowed on the islands but this was just for a quick pee and then back on the boat. I would always know when dolphins were in the area as he used to cry with excitement and we can to the conclusion that he heard the whistle from the dolphins blow hole before we did and it was a great help for us as we were on step ahead of the game.  

When I first got him my mam asked me what was I going to call him and without hesitation I said “Bud” because he was going to be my best buddy and boy was I right.  He never left my side from the day I got him and he was still there today. The only time I have left him was when my mam and dad looked after him when I went on holiday and that was only 2 weeks a year. 
I could go on and on about him but I know my loss is nothing compared to other people’s, but writing this post helps me a lot, so I will sign off with a couple of pictures of him.

Take care mate from all you family and friends.


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  1. I'm so sorry, I remember him well from all the trips we have taken with you. We lost our cat in November and I know just how big a hole they leave behind. Take care.


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