Well its that time of the year once again and as we near the end of the season new arrivals are starting to appear. Yes, I’m taking about the new born seal pups.

We had a few early ones this year but unfortunately they did not make it but the ones that are starting to arrive now seen to be okay. I think the ones that were born early were premature or just not strong enough, so lets just hope the weather over the next few days does not reek havoc on the new born’s and they find a sheltered spot and muddle through it.

Its lovely seeing the pups and its lovely seeing our guests faces when they see them for the first time. All we here is ahhhh aren’t they cute. They might look cute but I would hate to be born on some rocks in the middle of the sea at this time of year. Its bad enough in the summer never mind now but I suppose it nature and that’s what they have done for as long as they been here and they will now better than me why they wait until the winter.

It’s funny over the last few weeks as I have been taking divers out to play with the seals and they have been having a great time and you get to hear lots of little stories when their dive. They are so playful I have never laughed as much in years. They love yellow fins. These are just some of the comments I’ve heard lately but little do some of the diver know is that they are as horney as hell, this is why they are so playful. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard them say, they love yellow, black, blue fins (flippers) and they think they are special because they love that colour. I don’t have the heart to tell them that it does not matter, just as long as they have fun and enjoy every minute in the water that’s all that matters.

Lets hope the weather is kind to the new arrivals this year and I will keep you updated with all the numbers etc.

A new born Atlantic Grey Seal pup enjoying the sunshine.  

A new born drinking its mothers milk on the waters edge.

A new born’s mother keeping a close eye on her child as we watch from a distance. 

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