EYE-light of the year

I kept my eye on the weather all week and I was hoping and praying for good weather. Everyday I was checking Wind Guru to see what the sea state was going to be like, and after a few days it looked good to go. A quick text message to Alan Hewitt to give the thumbs up, I sat back and never looked again. Never in my wildest dreams was I expecting the weather to be as good as it was on the 20th November. All I was worried about was the sea state and was I going to be able to get landed on Longstone Island, but what we got was more. Calm sea, amazing sunshine and lots of seals. Boy oh boy was I a happy lad.

I don’t really tend to worry about things, but I was just praying that it was calm, as Alan had put a lot of effort into organizing the trip and people were coming as far as Leeds, so it had to be good.

We left the harbour just after 9am and steamed straight out to Longstone Island. On arriving we were greeted by lots and lots of seals, and after getting moored up we all went for a wonder around.

Now the Longstone does not have a huge amount of seals compared to the other islands, but that’s not a bad thing as the last thing we want to do is to upset the seals during breeding season. The other thing is that the main area were the seals give birth (Northern Hares) is not accessible by foot or boat, as it’s cut of by the tide. Other than that this was just a photographers dream, as we had amazing views of the seals, the lighthouse and the Islands.

After the guys all went off to get that dream shot, I grabbed my camera and off I went. The sunlight was just perfect and I’m not the best photographer in the world but with the pro’s around me giving me the odd tip I had to get one good picture surely.

Oh boy did I get that picture. So here’s the EYE-LIGHT of the year. Well for little old me anyway.

Here is more picture of the guys who joined me on the day. Thanks very much guys. 

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