A whale of a time

During our Inner Farne landing trip at lunchtime we were on our way to land when out the corner of his eye Andy saw a Minkie Whale.
I quickly stopped the boat and ran onto the deck but it was gone. Typical, and by then all the guests were getting excited too. Not saying that I was not excited as I was. We lay there looking around waiting for it to surface, then all of a sudden it was behind us. I turned the boat and headed in the direction it was going and again it disappeared. This time we waited and waited but nothing and we were just about to give up when it broke the surface.
You little (big) beauty and most of our guests got a chance to see it. Again it surfaced and all you could hear was the wow’s and ooo’s and everyone saw it this time.
A guest asked me if I was enjoying it and I told them I was like a young child in a sweet shop. It has been a while sine I have seem one. (Well that’s my excuse anyway)

After a few times surfacing it was going to far away so we watched it swim away in the distance and as I turned to see our guests they were all beaming with very large smiles. It great to see something so beautiful in our waters and our guests were thrilled too.

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