When the west wind blows

Well it was blowing a gale again today but this time it was from the west but we still got to sea. Not to say it was the best but after the S.E. gales last week, west was good and we have had a lot of birds over the last few days.

Over the last few days i have never had my binoculars of my eyes as their has been so many things to spot. The only thing that is really bugging me at the moment is that my new camera has broken so it’s off to be repaired.

I have lost how many times i have turned around automatically to pick up the camera to get a good shot then realize its not there. Dooh!!

Today must have been the worst day for not having the camera as the wardens went over to Staple Island to see how many fulmers chicks had been eaten by our Eagle. Up it went over to Brownsman Island.
As the wardens went back to Brownsman Island the bird flew back to Staple but as the winds were really strong the bird landed right beside the waters edge.
As we slowly moved the boat towards the bird i quickly got on the phone to tell the other boat to come quickly. When they arrived they were amazed how big he was and then all of a sudden he got up and flew up high just as if he was showing off.
Oh what a amazing sight. I looked over to the other boat and all i could see was these cheesy grins on their faces. Yes they were pleased.

Well here is a list of all the other birds we have sighted over the last few days.

Over 500 Golden Plovers
1 Peregrine Falcon
1 Rockpipit
Over 60 Artic Terns
Over 50 Oystercatchers
10 Curlews
20 Redbreasted Maganzers
7 Great Northern Divers
20 Godwits
2 Artic Skuas
4 Dunlins
10 Guillmots
16 Pint Footed Geese
2 Puffins
2 Harbour Porpoise


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