What a week!

I have never known a month quite like it. Westerly winds nearly every day. If we are going to get any winds then this is the direction we want it, but day after day it just drives you around the bend.
Today was the first day that we had no wind and flat calm seas. Yesterday was just a pain. The wind just got stronger and stronger as the day went on. It was great going out and calm around the islands but as we turned around to head back to The Inner Farne for our landing, we got it head on. I was so pleased we had a great gang on board as they seemed to be enjoying themselves. 
On Friday morning with the west winds blowing again we saw 2 Spoonbills fly across the bow of the boat heading towards the land. At first glance I thought I saw 2 swans but after I shouted to Keith as we  were gob smacked to see these wonderful birds. Its a first for me and I was surprised how big they were. 
Today we saw 7 Knots, 12 Turnstones and a Heron. 
The birds are hatching fast and furious. Kittiwakes chicks are so cute. The Guillemots tend to hide their chicks alot more than the Kittiwakes. 
We are also noticing alot of feed in the water at the moment as you can see alot birds diving into the water. We even had a Puffin drop 2 sand eels on the boat tonight. 
With the calm seas today and all the feed around we were hoping to see some Harbour Porpoise but no such luck. 
What we did get was a Guillemot land on the boat. Bless. It hit the deck of the boat and it was stunned so Keith picked it up to put it back in the water. It was ok as it gave Keith a good nip.
A cute little Eider chick in the harbour.
If I have had enough of the winds, what goes through my dogs head as he sits and waits everyday to go to sea. I have to say he is a very loyal dog.

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