We are back

Well it’s been 4 days since we have been to sea and it seems to be a long 4 days.

We have had some huge sea’s from the South East which has battered the islands. It was followed by heavy a swell which made it impossible to get out to sea.

As the days have gone by the winds have dropped but the swell was still there. We watched the seas today as the tide changed and decided today was the day.

As people started to arrive at the harbour you could see that they wanted to get out to the islands as they had been here all week and never got a chance to get out.

At last we were out of the harbour and our first port of call was The Staple Island.

All we could here is wow as the eagle had moved and the customers could not believe the size of the bird. I think we had caught it in the middle of his lunch as his wings were flapping around and then they were curled around his head to hide his meal. A shag or a fulmer who knows but he seemed to be enjoying it.

After that we headed off to The Longstone Island were we seen about 200 Golden Plovers take off. Two seconds later we were face to face with a big Heron. On Longstone Island alone we encountered Golden Plovers, a Heron, Purple Sandpipers, Turnstones, Dunhils and Knots.
If this is what the wind brings to the islands then who knows what we will see. I bet the wardens have seen loads over the past few days.

As we steam off towards the The Inner Farne we come upon loads of Grey Seals all taking shelter on the north side of the islands. There must have been about 100 which is always nice to see.

After we landed on the Inner Farne for an hour we slowly take an wonder back to Seahouses harbour.
I would like to say thank you to all of our guests who chose to join us today and i hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
From everyone at Serenity.


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