Typical Bank Holiday Weather

Well you can tell it was Bank Holiday Weekend as the weather changed and the wind picked up. We never got out on Sunday but made it out today. We only did 2 trips as the tide was getting high and we would have lost our shelter from the Islands. It was like seals city today as all the seals were on the south side of the Islands sheltering from the heavy seas on the north side.

After mooring up about 3pm I walked along the pier to have a look what was going on as it was Lifeboat Fete Day.
After looking around for a bit I heard kids screaming with laughter. As I look across toward the harbour pier I noticed lots of people gathering. Then all of a sudden a wave can crashing over the pier.

I watched for a while and it even got me laughing so I ran back to the boat a grabbed my camera.

It just shows you that we can have all the technology in the world but something as simple as this can make the kids day.

 I Love You Really Son

Oh No
To late it got you
Is that your best shot

No but this one is

I give up.
Dripping Wet

Even the Adults were loving it

Fits of Laughter

Sea water and cars do not go together


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