The Sand Dunes

Someone asked me on Facebook the other day about the sand dunes on the north beach so I thought I would do a quick post and show you all the damage from the tidal surge.

The dunes have been mostly affected by the seas and they will recover eventually even though it’s not nice to see at the moment. At least this is the only thing that has happened as it could have been a lot worse. I suppose its nature but its not half cruel at times. 

I have taken a few pictures of my kids to give you an idea on how much the dunes have been cut away. They thought it was great as they could jump of plus they found some treasure. Junk in other words. We also found dead seal which was very smelly and a little bit to decomposed to have died because of the storm, but never nice to see. We did see one alive and healthy as it quickly rushed back into the water as we got closer.

Ok everyone, here are a few pictures which will show you a lot better than I can tell you.


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